Small Businesses Demand Their Fair Share of the Pie

Recently, small businesses have united to speak out against what they perceive to be an unfair bias of the federal government’s spending toward large businesses and corporations. Small business owners have pointed out that – especially as of late – the federal government hasn’t been giving them anything close to the funding that they think that their small businesses deserve.

According to Sarah Chacko of, the federal government recently entered an agreement with small businesses where it promised to try and “award 23 percent of its contract dollars to small businesses each year.” The federal government missed its goal by roughly $26 billion (or about 5 percent), however, which – taken alone – wouldn’t have been horrible. The real problem, however, was that the initial total contract dollar spending value that the federal government had reported (the same number that they allocated the small businesses 23 percent of) was far lower than its what its true value should have been. As a result, because of loopholes and questionable calculations that the federal government implemented, they were allowed to spend far less with small businesses than those small businesses actually should have obtained if the federal government had been fair in not omitting contracts for considerations.

Needless to say, small businesses were incensed once this came to light. The federal government had promised them their due funding, and for them to be cheated out of it felt like the worst kind of neglect to them.

So how does this impact the average small business owner? Simple – it shows that, in order to maintain footing with corporate competition, one must make a particularly vigorous effort to be heard by the federal government. Otherwise, one’s small business will inevitably be overshadowed by bigger businesses that soak up the federal government’s funding instead.

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